Drew Six

We Kiss

Club West Records

Local boy Drew Six shamelessly does what others can’t or won’t, which is to write mass-appeal pop songs. Self-aware singer-songwriters, all smug, sincere and broke as hell, may dismiss pop artists, but what’s most important is where that trail of laughter leads, which is straight to the bank.

With his latest, We Kiss, Drew Six shows he has no pretenses. The record is an unbelievably polished collection of catches and traps carefully designed to ensnare the female listener. Profound meaning may be buried somewhere on We Kiss, but let’s hope not. It would actually be disappointing to find Six has anything other than getting it on in mind when he cries out: “It’s go time, it’s lock and load time. Here’s the lowdown, I came to throw down!” 

At only nine songs, including the requisite acoustic, power-ballad closer, We Kiss manages to efficiently check off each party-band requirement in record time...

Six and his group won’t ever be accused of subtlety... Music snobs scoff all you want, but if these guys hit it big, it’s going to be your little sister, or possibly mom, screaming from the front row.